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About BradyNet

BradyNet is the pioneer in leading provider of Emerging Markets fixed income information through the Internet.

BradyNet is an interactive service that provides a platform for information exchange. Through it, the investment community has the opportunity to express its view on Emerging Markets Fixed income to a world-wide audience.

BradyNet Pro offers "Live" Brady bond prices and spreads updated throughout the trading day. This feature allows you to "break the chains to the trading desk" by leaving the office while still being able to keep an eye on the market at home, hotels, airports, etc.

The service also includes the "BradyNet CyberExchange". Through this product you can find the best  prices and yields from many data contributors. You can also communicate with fellow bondholders, issuers and underwriters through asset-specific discussion FORUMs. The CyberExchange also includes descriptions, charts, data downloads and links for a comprehensive number of eurobonds, Brady bonds and other Emerging Markets debt issues.

BradyNet Pro includes The Toolbox. This product features custom charting software. With it you can analyze and chart bond statistics such as bid price, spread, stripped yield, and cash flow yield. Calculate and plot current and historical spread and yield differential between two bonds.

The BradyNet Rolodex is an online directory of Emerging Market participants with an embedded communication system. Find colleagues or potential deal counterparts all over the world and email them!

Through the Portfolio Services function you can automatically update and analyze your Emerging Markets debt portfolio's vital statistics such as yield, duration, profit and loss, etc. Portfolio updates can also be sent to you via E-mail.

Other Tools include a New Issues Analyzer. With it you can obtain all the listing details for the issues that fall within your search parameters. Find out the trends in the new issues market, and who is doing what in each market niche by producing customized manager ranking reports.

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