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Building on our reputation for independent actionable research, IDEAGlobal value proposition lies in combining monetary and macro-economic policy insight gathered through a close analysis of policymakers comments and an understanding of what is already priced into the financial markets. It is the fusing together of a clear grasp of policy issues with both economic and market analysis that truly differentiates our product from other research  services. This is only possible by leveraging the outstanding reputation of a 25-person research team.

IDEAGlobal builds not only on our unrivalled access to key policymakers but also on the reputation of the most senior advisors to our board. IDEAGlobalís key advisors and economists help to provide policymakers with a close understanding of the main issues, expectations and misconceptions in the financial markets. This is enhanced by our independence and objectivity, as IDEAGlobal does not manage money. This bridge between the financial community and central bankers helps policymakers to better shape forward-looking policy and communications.  

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