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IIDEAGlobal has an eclectic analytical framework that provides a multi-disciplined approach to economic research, policy analysis, technical analysis and market intelligence in each of our products.  Additionally, the key strands of each analytical discipline are brought together in a market strategy approach to provide forward looking actionable calls on the financial markets.   As well as being directional, they also provide target objectives and a sense of timescale for the actionable calls.

The IDEAGlobal 25 strong analytical team based in Singapore, London and New York reflects this multi disciplined approach and consists of

  • Market Intelligence.   IDEAglobal employs a team of experienced ex traders and brokers that interchange ideas with market participants and closely understand the dynamics of market influences.

  • Economic researchers.   Our economists seek to unveil critical themes and issues that are underestimated by the financial markets, which could be on a sector or cross-country basis.   Additionally, IDEAglobal economists closely forecast the forthcoming monthly/quarterly economic numbers for a vast array of countries and provide quick and informative analysis as the numbers are released. 

  • Policy analysis.  Additionally a number of our economists have a specialist policy focus with an objective of predicting key interest rate movements.  IDEAGlobal employs a number of economists that have worked in central banks and bring this experience to IDEAGlobal. 

  • Technical analysis.    Chart analysis of financial markets is a cornerstone for decision makers and IDEAGlobal experienced team of analystís covers a vast array of instruments around the world.  A variety of techniques are used including Elliott Wave, with time horizons stretching from intra day to multi month. 

  • Market Strategists.   Draw together the key relevant strands of each analytical approach to provide forward-looking calls on markets.   This has specific price objective, as well as being directional.   


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